March 01, 2012

The Old Man and I

By Tendy Kay

The wind blew hard,
Cars swooshed past;
Bicycles, people, swayed faster,
And he stared.

As we walked along,
The old man with the bristly hair,
Yellow but fair,
He stared;
At me…?
In shock at first;
Soon he realized,
I was real,
Just very dark,
Darker than him,
And so, he stared.

We walked side by side,
Slow, sometimes fast;
Wrinkling the cold kissed skin,
His neck motioned,
Sideways, sideways,
His eyes squinted open,
The old man,
Pretended not to see me.

But together, we
Snuck looks;
One of wonder,
The other of disbelief,
Is he serious?
Can he be mad?
What is he looking at?
I need to pull up my leggings?
Damn, what is it, he wants?
He just keeps looking…
Once in a while;
He gazes,
Into the distance ahead,
His patched coat from winters gone.

Up, up, he climbs the steps faster;
Only to stop, and look down,
One long hard look,
She backs away, irate!
He sighs, unconvinced,
Scoffs almost,
Holding on to his plastic bag;
Chow mien,
He mumbles on…

Past the high buildings,
With all the lights beaming,
Onto the muddy streets,
We walked;
His back, stooped,
Stealing glances,
In acquaintance now,
He now understands a truth,
He knows, he has seen,
This person…
Black but with hair;
Just like his wife’s,
She is not bad looking at all,
In fact…
But just look…

And so he stared,
One more time,
And to the crowd she was lost.


  1. That's my diva!Our literary jewel!Keep up the good work.

  2. forget the like button, where is the superb button?

  3. Thats very artistic. lol

  4. i have seen progress in your work, keep it up...

  5. (snaps fingers 50 times). diggin it! and we nkow what u mean hehehehe everyday life for us out here in the east. really good stuff.